Subversive Sewer

{September 6, 2009}   Espanol

I signed out the Rosetta Stone software from work, and started it today.  So far, I really like the program.  It’s much less intimidating than First Semester Spanish was in college.  (I dropped it after a week!)  I got pretty far on unit 2, but it was hard!  I’m going to do it over.  Strange thing is, I can’t remember anything I learned!!!  That’s why this post’s title isn’t anything clever.  But I’m going to keep working at it.  It’s really important to me because Hispanics are the fastest growing minority group, and a significant portion of that population speaks Spanish only.  I don’t want to be cut off from such as large number of people, especially being a social worker in a county with a large Hispanic population.

So, maybe next time I post, I’ll be able to write something in Spanish!


Bunny says:

Si nesesitas qualquier de ayuda, digame. Estoy aqui para ayudarte. Aprendiendo una otra idioma puede hacer la entrada an una nueva cultura mas facil y aparece que to ayudara much en tu trabajo.

If you need any help, just ask me. I am here to help you. Learning another language can make entering a new culture much easier and it seems this will help you a great deal in your work.

Bunny says:

I see a type, forgive me. That easily happens when typing from one language to another.

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