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{August 24, 2009}   Business idea, part 2

After asking for suggestions on Pattern Review, I’ve concluded that there is a huge need for a reliable, US-based source for international pattern magazines.  Leave it to me to pick the most difficult idea!  There seems to be quite a demand for them, yet most titles are nearly impossible to buy.  So, I’d be filling a need, and I wouldn’t be stepping on any toes.  (I know, that attitude is not very capitalist friendly…)

The foreseeable problems?  There would be a large financial investment (the mags are $10-15 per issue and I’d need to buy several of each), and I don’t know how I’m going to obtain them, since none are based in English speaking countries.  I have no experience with international travel, let alone business, but I do have a friend with relatives in Tijuana, where Patrones is sold (I’ve heard).  I also know someone who speaks Dutch, so I have a shot at getting Knip Mode.  And there’s Maniquim, based in Brazil, and my friend also knows a little Porteguese.

Now is when I ask for opinions.  Am I out of my league?  Is this a bad idea?  Should I sell something else instead?  What do you think?


Bonnie says:

I think it’s a fantastic idea. There are several vendors for Burda but not many of the others. I believe one of the key components, however, will be to nail down reliable sources so you can get these publications every time they are published. Good luck! I’ll be anxious to see what you do with this idea.

Bunny says:

Good luck with your endeavor. It sounds like a great idea. See a need, start a business!

Hi, wanted to comment when I read your post on PR but couldn’t.

I think it is a great idea, especially the Patrones. Have you thought of La Mia Boutique or Modellina (Italy)?

The idea of going via Mexico is a good one. Even next door to me, in the Dominican Republic, it’s about $9 USD. If you have someone going there, check it out. CAVEAT: supplies seem a bit erratic, I only found two different issues via a friend who made weekly calls to the two bookstores who carried them!!!!

I would LOVE to get my hands on a Manequim so if you ever get one, put my name on the list.

Speaking of which, you should know I can’t use Paypal as my country is NOT LISTED. Yes, a tragedy. So variety in payment forms is a plus, IMO.

Good luck!

P.S. I don’t think you actually need to travel but it would be good to set up a bank account for the endeavour and use bank transfers for int’l transactions.

Tina says:

I would think that all you would have to do is contact the supplier. They usually have someone around that can speak a little english. At least enough to tell you how to order their magazines. I think you have to take into account the markup though. If you buy a magazine for $8, you can’t resell it for $9 — you have to be able to make a profit. If you order a subscription, you can usually get a few buck knocked off the price though.

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