Subversive Sewer

{August 8, 2009}   Vogue 8489

I think I posted my first version of this dress a few months back.  I love the dress, but I couldn’t get the thing on!  I’ll readily admit my errors, but I really feel it was the pattern at fault.  Here’s why: it’s a knit dress, yet they want you to interface the contrast pieces (the parts that form the X shape) and then add a zipper.  On a knit dress! What are they smoking??  I tried skipping the zipper, but the interfacing took all the stretch out of the fabric, making it impossible to put on.

So, I made it again, this time omitting all zippers and interfacings.  Perfect!


You’ll notice I’m wearing a tank top underneath.  Unless you’ve got a demi-style bra or similar and are not planning to wear this to work or any place with children, you’ll need something under it!  It’s LOW!!  The pattern envelope photo is misleading because that model has no boobs, thus no cleavage to serve as a warning!  Other than that, love love love this dress and I’ll be making another!

ETA:  I forgot to post the total cost of this project:  $16: red knit $9+ brown knit $3+ pattern $4.  I didn’t count thread because it was from my stash.


Marla says:

OMG!!! I was just looking at that pattern today. You did a great job!I think I want to make a long sleeve version for the fall. Thanks for the warning about the facing, zippers, and the low-cut; I will be sure to make adjustments for the Boobage!

adrienne says:

GORGEOUS! You are going to make me make this one again!

Gigi says:

What a sexy dress – it looks fabulous on you. Vavavoom! 😉

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