Subversive Sewer

{August 7, 2009}   An idea… what do you think?

I’ve thought that it would be nice to have an online business that would benefit the sewing community. It would be something I could do from home, thus not take time away from my daughter. And maybe it would even supplement my modest social worker salary. Here’s my idea: I would like to have an online button store. I would specialize in basic, hard to find and vintage buttons, but at affordable prices. Not collector ones, but buttons you’d actually use on your garments.  It would be labor intensive because there would be a lot of unique inventory, but I would not mind this. I’m very organized, so I think it would not be a problem. I also realize that I would never get rich from it, but that’s not my intention. I’m not aware of any online button stores like this (just a store that sells mostly single, expensive buttons), so it would fill a need, especially for folks who don’t live near fabric stores. And who knows, maybe I’d have a button to replace a lost one on someone’s vintage garment!
Any opinions?


Mandi says:

I think its a great idea. Finding buttons locally is nearly impossible. I’d love to be able to shop for lots of different styles of nice quality, unique buttons.

I’d buy them. As you know, the button selection around here stinks.

kathi s says:

The last issue of Sew News had a button article and listed the websites of several button “shops”. There turn out to be several. Take a look to see what you think.

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