Subversive Sewer

{August 6, 2009}   McCall’s 5751

Here is the dress I wore to my friend Alicia’s wedding last Saturday:

m5751I’m getting better at using the camera timer. 🙂

Here is the back:

m5751 back

I used this  pattern:

I bought this pattern and this fabric when it came out a few months ago, then decided I hated it.  However, Threads recently featured it in their “Pattern Review” column, and it changed my perception!  Good thing, too, because I was originally going to make a dress with a straight skirt, and I needed something to hide my gut.  This dress, being very loose, does a great job at that.

I made a couple changes.  Instead of a flower or bow in back, I used a large button that I’ve had for years.  I was glad to finally use it.  Also, the back pleat is stitched all the way down, but I decided I liked it better how I did it- I only stitched it to waist level.  I also decided not to be lazy and hand stitch a blind hem.

I bought the supplies for this so long ago that I don’t know how much I spent on this, but I’d estimate it at around $15 total.  Not bad!

Here’s my review on PR.


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