Subversive Sewer

{August 3, 2009}   A New Direction

After all the comments I received on my post on my finances, I realized that I’m far from alone.  Not all of us can buy all the newest stuff without scrutinizing our checking account balances.  So, in addition to posting my sewing projects, I’m going to start posting tips on saving money on sewing supplies, and how to save money by sewing.  This means I’m going to start keeping track of my receipts so I can track the cost of my projects.  I’m not sure that I have any revolutionary ideas on how to save money on sewing supplies, but I’ll post them anyway just in case it benefits somebody.  I also encourage you all to share your ideas, too!  I think I’ll post individual tips as I think of them, so sometimes you’ll see a bunch at once, and sometimes it’ll be awhile between posts.


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