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{August 1, 2009}   Butterick 3351, flower girl dress

I was really flattered when my friend Alicia requested that Sofia be the flower girl in her wedding!  Of course, this meant I got to make the pretty dress!  Alicia chose the pattern and gave me a swatch of fabric to match her dress, and I got to work!

Here is the pattern:

Alicia chose the dress in the photo, view A.  I wasn’t able to find matching ribbon for the bottom, but it still turned out very nicely.  For the first time ever, I hand sewed a hem.  I had to watch a video online to learn how, and though it took forever, it turned out so well.  You can barely see it from the outside.

This is a good, classic dress.  My only complaint is that the bodice runs big.  Sofia is a size 5, but as you can see, it’s a little loose.

021Here is the back:



Beautiful! And OMG Sofia is so big now! Re your last post – hang in there. The economy has affected my family big-time too. We’re not broke, but we certainly don’t have the “disposable” cash we used to and vacation – What’s that? Haven’t had one or gone anywhere in at least 5 years. Our money-pit house, 2 boys/young men at home and the groceries they consume is where most of our money goes. I’m thankful we’re all employed but like you, I’m quite ready for the economy to start turning the other way.

Bunny says:

Sweet dress! That sheer overlay looks great and almost opalescent.

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