Subversive Sewer

{July 30, 2009}   Aggravated.

I know lots of people are suffering due to the economy, but that doesn’t make me feel any better. Actually, my income has not decreased. However, I’ve been without a raise for 2 years, and it’s getting old. I just get annoyed reading other blogs and people talking about their constant fabric purchases, vacations, and endless free time to sew. Where are the people like me who are scraping by, paycheck to paycheck, and struggle to find time to sew at all? Or the people who cringe every time they open a fashion magazine for inspiration and see 3 and 4 figure price tags on clothes for “real people?” Who else is less than thrilled about their employer matching 3% of their retirement savings, because 3% of zero is zero!? Who else puts off medical care because they can’t afford the absurd cost of it? Or, like me, are still paying medical bills from over a year ago?

So, forgive me if I can’t post every day, or every week. I’m trying to make it through day to day life, and raise my daughter well enough so that maybe she will have it better when she’s an adult.


Bunny says:

I feel your pain. Kudos to your for giving each day your best and knowing the priority of parenthood. While it is tough, you are on the right track. From the time my children were born until they hit first grade, I didn’t make a single garment. Buy fabric? With what? I did manage to take up embroidery and did a lot as it was something I could easily pick up when a rare extra five minutes decided to visit. There is a season to everything and this may just be a season for you that will change as your children grow and life evolves for you. Don’t let the fabriholics get to you. I think there are a couple out there that should consider taking some of that disposable income and donate it to charity. JMHO.

Jan says:

Oh Candyo – I feel your frustration. But really it may seem hard right now and yes — times are hard but these days will pass and there will be a day when you look back and realize that you survived those days just fine. I am also puzzled when I look in magazines and see clothing advertised that is for “budgets” and laugh.

SewKnitty says:

Fear not, you are far from alone. This recession is so awful because we may make the same but every blinkin’ thing we can’t do without costs more. I came here from PatternReivew because of the admiration I have for your sewing and the amount of sewing you’ve managed to accomplish. I think about sewing a lot but rarely get time to actually put foot to pedal.
Hang in there – don’t know when things will turn around but this has happened before in my lifetime and I recall the end creeping up on me, bringing itself to my attention via my checkbook, which actually had a positive balance just waiting to pay for yarn and fabric.

delunaverde says:

Oh, I feel your pain. I was laid off in January, and have yet to find a job. Time to sew? Oh yea, if I could afford to buy fabric and thread! Barely scraping by….

Hang in there! 🙂

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