Subversive Sewer

{June 27, 2009}   McCall’s 5430- wrap skirt

I actually made this about 2 weeks ago, but never got around to taking a picture of it!  When I saw this pattern, it reminded me of a skirt I’d made several years ago, pre-Sofia.  It was dark denim with a red tint on the wrong side.  It had red bias tape on it somewhere as well.  I got the idea to make another one, and here it is!


Since I can’t seem to apply bias tape right, I included some contrast by topstitching with bright pink thread.  Here’s the pattern, McCall’s 5430:

Note that it says “1 hour skirt.”  They are so full of it.  It was more like a 3 hour skirt!  Maybe the people at McCall’s were high on caffeine that day and sewing on an industrial, but I had neither of those advantages.  Since I have a hard time with bias seams stretching out, I treated the pockets as appliques and stitched them to the skirt on all sides.  I don’t use pockets anyway.  I just like how they look on this skirt.

I think it’s a good pattern, and I’ll hang onto it in case I ever want another one.  Here’s the review on PR.


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