Subversive Sewer

{June 22, 2009}   Monday Update

Sofia is with her dad for a few hours, so I took the time to do some sewing-related stuff.    First, I cut out Simplicity 2568:

Over the last several months, my waist has expanded quite a bit.  Like 4-ish inches!!  I’ve begun exercising and changing my diet, but it doesn’t happen overnight.  Well, my ego got dealt another blow today.  I think I was in denial when I cut out these pants in a size 12.  My waist is 6 inches bigger than a size 12!!  I tried on the waist stay pattern piece and wanted to cry.  So, this project is on hold.  I hung the pieces on a hanger and stored it right  next to all the pants and skirts that are also too small in the waist.

I just traced Kwik Sew 2589.  I don’t have a slip and I really need one!  I’m going to use a thin cotton/poly broadcloth.  I’d love to make it from silk charmeuse, but there’s no room in my budget for that!

At the beginning of this month, my daughter “graduated” from preschool and started a Pre-K program offered by the school district.  Financially, this put $200 a month in my pocket!  Great, right?  Well, 2 weeks later, my truck died and I found myself at a car dealer, buying a new vehicle.

002It’s a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe.  This is a luxury car compared to what I used to drive (which is in the background, btw).  This car has working locks, a radio, a backseat.  It’s wonderful!   It also fits 5 people, so I can have passengers!  The payment? $252 a month.  So much for that $200 a month left over!


adrienne says:

Cant wait to see that top sewn up! COngrats on the new car!!

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