Subversive Sewer

{June 1, 2009}   Appliqued Pillows

I needed some pillows for my living room, and I’d wanted to use some appliques printed in the sadly now-defunct Adorn Magazine.  (wow, they’re not even in Wikipedia!)  I enlarged them on a copier at work after hours and got to work… a couple weeks later.   Here they are!

deer pillow

This is an homage to my native Wisconsin, rendered in acid green felt.  Tee hee.  I used a corduroy remnant for the pillow itself.

sparrow pillow

Same concept, but with a red felt sparrow.  I left Sofia pick the color.

amy butler pillow

The Amy Butler remnant wasn’t big enough for the 18″ pillows I was using (left behind by the last people who lived here), so I managed to make a border.  Not perfectly, but I don’t think anyone will notice.  I used a hot pink narrow wale corduroy remnant for the back.

I did something special with this pillow.  While all 3 have zippers on the bottom, this one has an invisible zipper!  All you advanced sewers, don’t laugh at me!  I did do one maybe 6 years ago, but it did nothing to alleviate my fear of these things.  But they look so much better than a centered zipper (especially mine with the crooked topstitching).  I did it!  I think I even feel confident enough to use them exclusively from now on.  I’m not positive I got the seam allowance right, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Parting thought….. as I was typing this, I saw Dr Dre doing a Dr. Pepper commercial!  He couldn’t have gotten that gig 20-25 years ago when he was with NWA!  Makes me smile.


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