Subversive Sewer

{April 24, 2009}   Simplicity 2614

Combining a 99 cent pattern with some stashed batiste, here is a new blouse:


And here is a terrible attempt at a self portrait of me wearing it:


This is Simplicity 2614:

What I really love about this pattern is that it comes with separate front pieces for A-D cup sizes.  It also reminds me of Hot Patterns’ Pussycat Blouse or their Criterion Blouse.  I learned while making this pattern that I have narrow shoulders.  So I took off maybe a 1/2 inch from the shoulder, tapering to nothing at the bottom of the armhole.  The only change I made was to serge off 1/2 the width of the facings.  I hate those damn things.  Overall, a good pattern that I might make again.


Judy Brannon says:

It looks great. What works for me having smaller shoulders is to
cut from the shoulders down to the bottom of sleeve opening in
one size smaller than the rest.

That way I don’t have to reshape anything, but still get the
proper fit.

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