Subversive Sewer

{April 18, 2009}   Vogue 8581

v8581This is Vogue 8581, a knit peasant blouse.  I love how simple these tops are to make and peasant tops are pretty much a classic.  I used a cotton/bamboo knit from  It was a little difficult getting it to lie flat to cut out.  I bought this fabric in several colors.  I chose yellow because Erica B. mentioned that it’s a very popular color this season, and she has a much better handle on fashion than I do. 🙂

It went together very quickly and easily.  My only gripes are the “elastic guide” pattern piece and the suggestion to slipstitch the neck band on the inside.  First off, what happened to the “elastic chart” they used to use?  It would tell you in the instructions how long a piece you needed for your size.  I measured the piece (37″ for a size 10) and wrote that on the instruction sheet for next time.  The elastic guide went into the trash.  And that neck band.  I just sewed both long edges to the top and serged the seam allowances.  I’m not going to hand stitch anything on a knit top!


Bunny says:

This looks so soft and buttery. Nice!

Tina says:

I agree about those stupid elastic guide pieces. What a PITA! Normally what I do when I realize that there is a guide piece, is I just measure it before I even start my project. Then I write the measuements on the instruction sheet or envelope somewhere.

katharinec says:

Wow, that was a much smarter thing to do with the neckline treatment than follow their instructions! Good for you 🙂 Also Erica B is much more hip to fahsion than I am, we’re in the same boat!

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