Subversive Sewer

{April 11, 2009}   Simplicity 4697

I’ve had this skirt cut out for so long! I can’t even remember how long ago it was, just that it’s been a couple YEARS. My excuse for not sewing it was that it needed a lining. It hit me one day that the white knit mesh lining I’d just bought from was perfect. Well, I cut it and a few weeks later here we are!


I cut 4″ off the bottom and did a serged hem. I left the lining 1″ longer than the skirt fabric. (Is this shot OK, or would a full length one be better? I couldn’t decide.)

I did the whole thing on the serger except for stitching in the ditch to hold the elastic down. I sewed the fabric, lining and elastic all in one pass. Worked very well.

I think it’s good, but the 6 gores really cut up the pattern. I think I’ll hang onto this pattern, though.


katharinec says:

Nice! Plus you updated it to above the knee, which I hear is back in this season. Good on you!

Bunny says:

That soft touch of the lining with the shorter length is such a great idea. Cute!

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