Subversive Sewer

{April 4, 2009}   Happy Birthday, Sofia!

My daughter Sofia turned 5 on April 2!  It’s so exciting how much she can do and comprehend with each year.  All of her options are open; she can become anything she wants.  This year we continued our new tradition of going to Lowry Park Zoo, but this year Grandma came along too!  We ate at Sweet Tomatoes afterward, which we all love.  This afternoon was her “kid party” with friends from school and a couple family friends.  I was very nervous because I’d never thrown a party before and it was at my house!  But everything turned out well and everyone had fun!  No one cried, and no one died, so that’s success 🙂

Here is the cake I made.  It’s based on a cake from Taste of Home magazine (I’ll be happy to scan it and email it upon request).  It’s a “Candy Land cake” and it was a blast!


And here are some “pupcakes” that my mom and Sofia decorated (based on a Family Circle recipe):


Before you think I was so focused on the treats that I ignored Sofia…. my mom took all the party pictures and hasn’t emailed them to me yet! 🙂  So, here’s a picture of Sofia riding a camel at the zoo!



Bunny says:

Happy Birthday to your little one. Looks like a grand day for all! I love your sweets.

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