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{April 4, 2009}   Curtain Holdbacks

Sofia requested a garden-themed bedroom, so I’ve been happily making all kinds of accessories. I really enjoy problem-solving and finding creative, cheap ways to achieve something really nice. I was looking at the magazine rack at Joann’s and I found an article on curtain holdbacks. I believe it was in Craft Stylish. They had an example that inspired the ones I made:


Here’s a (washed out) closeup of one of the flowers:


Here’s how to make them:

Paper flowers (I got mine at Michaels- they come in a tin labeled “Calypso Tin” and were in the scrapbooking section) or pulled-apart fake flowers
metal brads (used for scrapbooking)
awl (mine is a sewing notion; I’m not sure what a carpenter’s awl looks like so I can’t tell you if that’ll work)
2″ wire edged ribbon (24″ length per holdback)
small eyelets and eyelet setter (from notions department at fabric store)
small scissors with pointy ends

Fold over short ends of the ribbon twice. The depth of the fold should be just a little wider than your eyelets.

Make your flowers: I layered one large flower with a smaller one on top of it for dimension. Put the brad through the hole in the center, and set aside. Don’t pull apart the brads’ stems yet. Make 5 flowers per holdback.

Put the flowers on the ribbon: Lightly fold the ribbon in half to aid in placement. You’re only putting the flowers on the public side of the holdback, because nobody’s going to see the side that faces the window. Put the first flower to the right of your fold by poking a hole with the awl where the center of the flower will be. Put the stems of the brad through the hold and separate the stems. Repeat for the other 4 flowers, making sure you’re spacing them evenly. I set my flowers on the ribbon first to ensure they were even. You may want to mark the spot with a fabric marking pen, or a regular pen since nobody will see the mark.

Set the eyelets: Cut a SMALL hole with your scissors in the center of each folded end of the ribbon. Then push the eyelet through the hole, with the wide end of the eyelet on the outside of the holdback. If your hole isn’t big enough, keep cutting the hole a little at a time until the eyelet fits through. Once you’ve got the eyelet through, set the eyelet following the instructions on the package.

You’re done!


Bunny says:

Darling treatment!

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