Subversive Sewer

{February 5, 2009}   Ramblings

Adrienne’s ramblings post made my evening!  We apparently have a lot of the same things on our minds.  Even better, I took it as a license to drop the f-bomb at will!  Yay!!  Some say that cuss words are indicative of a small vocabulary, but I disagree.  They get the point across.  And when you work in child welfare, they get used a lot.

Nikki’s ramblings of the day:

  • Dick Cheney needs to go away.  This guy is a certifiable moron, an unbelievable asshole.  Someone needs to put him back into his padded cell and give him his meds.
  • Florida is not supposed to be 30 degrees!  But by the time I finish my jacket, it’ll be 70 again.
  • There are 2 of us in my agency who do adoptions.  I’m efficient, enthusiastic, and frankly, I care.  The other one is slow, set in her ways, apathetic, and pretty much going through the motions.  So why the hell does she make more money than I do (and keeps bringing that up, “forgetting” she’s mentioned it numerous times), and nobody seems to think this is a problem?  Anyone who works with children and doesn’t give a shit should be fired.
  • Like Katt Williams, I love my haters.  You just keep on at it!
  • I think I have potential, but I am currently a frump.  Any suggestions?
  • I think Keith Olbermann is my new best friend.
  • Sofia and I love the 2 stray cats who come over every day for food.  One is Cali Fuzzworth, and the other is Notail.  Cali is the neighborhood cat, so she is very friendly.  Notail just appeared one day.  He’s getting less skittish, and Cali stopped trying to beat his ass.  Makes me happy inside.

adrienne says:

Now go get you 6 mo haters! LOL Now I wanna watch that lol.

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