Subversive Sewer

{January 20, 2009}   Congratulations, Mr. President!

I was hoping to find a picture of President and First Lady when they first got out of the car during the parade, because his smile was so big and joyful.  Today I was able to watch the inauguration with my daughter Sofia.  She is 4, so I explained everything to her.  She knows who he is, and I pointed out the First Lady and their daughters.  She left that they were nice (kids are so cute and pure).  She wanted to know who the people were who were escorting Malia and Sasha to the ceremony.  I knew one was Grandma, but she had me stumped as to who the other one was.  I told her that they probably had snacks for the girls in case they got hungry.  I explained who the vice president was, and who the “old president” was.  I pointed out how nice it was for the new president and VP to walk the “old president” to his helicopter to go home.  We said “Bye Bye Bush” and I refrained from comment like a good mom would. 🙂  I told Sofia that Mr. Obama is President now and it is very exciting for he and his family.  During the speech, Sofia lost interest, as a 4 year old would, and she played as I watched the rest of the festivities, occasionally explaining to her what was going on, and point out the feelings that must be felt by Mr. and Mrs. Obama and their children.

My hope for Sofia is that she has an interest in what is going on in her country, and works to make things better.  I also hope that she too will judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.  And I hope that nonwhite people in positions of authority will become commonplace.


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