Subversive Sewer

{December 27, 2008}   Back with a vengeance!!

Moving really put a stop to any kind of sewing for at least a month, but I’m back!

Last weekend, I made 2 curtains.  A start, but not exciting.  Today, however, I got back into it in a big way.  So far, I’ve finished 4 projects and used all stashed fabrics and notions!!

The first thing I made was this pillow.  My living room needs some, and I had this remnant from a coat I made Sofia in 2005.  It’s so soft, I love it!  I also used some velvet ribbon I’ve had for years and a button left over from a jacket I made a couple months ago.


Next up was another project made from leftover faux fur.  I made a jacket from this a few years ago (don’t ask me why).  Using Simplicity 4529, I made this toy hammock for Sofia.


Next I decided to make a cat bed.  Despite having cats most of my life, I’ve never bothered to make one of these because I didn’t want to spend the time and money on something that may never be used, or worse, peed on.  Well, I decided to take a chance, using some Ralph Lauren corduroy I bought in 2006, which I wouldn’t have used for anything else anyway.  I also used a pack of foam chair pads and the rest of a bag of fiberfil left over from the pink pillow.  It still needs more fiberfil… I’ll get it if the cats use this thing.  The pattern is Simplicity 4765.


Finally, I made Sofia a Mickey Mouse dress.  I’d been meaning to make this for awhile but hadn’t had time till now.  The fabric is a cotton knit from Fabric Fairy.  The pattern is Simplicity 4384.


Next up, a look at my new sewing room!


Katharine in Brussels says:

Look at that! Bang, and you’re off 🙂

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