Subversive Sewer

{December 17, 2008}   2008 Recap

A  bunch of blogs I read have ’08 recap posts, so I decided that since I haven’t sewn anything to discuss, I’ll just copy their idea.

The good stuff:

025This really turned out great (except the headband).  It put the store bought ones to shame.  And my favorite little person loved it!

b5242Butterick 5242.  Simple, but it works on my figure.  And I love the fabric.

v1027Vogue 1027.  Love, love, love this dress!  Comfortable, great looking, easy to make.  Love it!

m5390McCall’s 5390.  This is the third one I’ve made.  A great style, and I love Amy Butler fabric!

m5700McCall’s 5700.  The “Anarchy Dress.”  The armholes are way too low, but after I fix it, it’s going to be one of my favorites.

m5747McCall’s 5747.  I love bright colors, can you tell?

s3536d2Simplicity 3536.  I was lukewarm about this pattern, but I had a yard of this leftover and this pattern required just that.  I was pleasantly surprised and wear it all the time.

n6802dNew Look 6802.  And here’s the rest of the fabric! The gathering over the belly is great, because that’s where all my fat is!

010Gorgeous Fabrics made a great decision to stock this fabric, because half the bloggers I read made something from this fabric!

Almost, But Not Quite

b48901Butterick 4890.  It looked great, but didn’t fit in the bust at all.

m5752McCall’s 5752.  Wrong fabric!!!  (not stretchy enough)  Someday I’ll learn.

v8489Vogue 8489.  It looks smokin’ hot, but I omitted the zipper but interfaced the contrast bands.  This made it physically impossible to put on.  I just need to get around to making it again.

016Amy Butler’s Kimberly Bag.  All that interfacing and padding was just too much for me to manage.

m5631McCall’s 5631.  Little House on the Prairie on acid.

s2927McCall’s 2927.  It’s just a mess.  I can’t even keep track of the ways it sucked.

m4868McCall’s 4868.  Cute dress, but it was a UFO for so long it no longer fit by the time I finished it.


You had a very productive year. Everything looks well done!

violet says:

I liked seeing your year’s highlights. Now I really want to buy some of those patterns. And, being a rusty so-so sewer myself, it’s nice to know that even the seasoned sewers have trouble sometimes (McCalls 2927)

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