Subversive Sewer

{December 1, 2008}   Paperless?

I just moved to a single-family house, which I’m very happy about.  My daughter and I previously lived in a 2 bedroom, 800 square foot apartment on a second floor (stairs, ugh) and a questionable neighborhood.  It goes without saying that we’re very happy.  She has a bigger bedroom, plus a playroom/guest bedroom/Hello Kitty shrine.  We have 3 bathrooms, and I’m using the smaller living room as a sewing/craft heaven.  Most of the house is tiled, which leaves the cats fewer carpeted surfaces to barf on.  All this for the same amount I was paying for the apartment!  (Utilities will be higher, though.)  So, all good, right?  Well, I’ve lived here for 3 days and I’ve seen 3 cockroaches, 2 still alive.  I HATE bugs, so this is really freaking me out.  I’ve gotten every cardboard box out of here, and have been cleaning with OCD-like dedication.  I read online that they like the glue used in bookbinding, which creates quite the dilemma.  I don’t keep books that I don’t plan to read again, and I’m even more tempted to buy a Kindle to eliminate any future book purchases.  But I have a huge collection of sewing magazines…. What do I do with them?  My first thought was to scan them, but that would take forever, and then I’d have to cut them up to get them to lie flat in the scanner.  I believe the Threads collection is on CD-ROM now, but what about my old Adorn issues, and the other miscellaneous mags?


Betty says:

The good news is that you can get control them and, unlike apartment roaches, they won’t come back every time a new neighbor moves in. 🙂 I’ve had very good results with the Combat roach baits. It takes time but they do work, and they have very low toxicity for people and pets. If you have the giant roaches (they totally freak me out!) then you may continue to see them occasionally because they come from outside and come in looking for water. Cleaning house has nothing to do with it. Sealing any openings around pipes and caulking cracks around cabinets will help. As for books and magazines, just keep them off the bottom shelves and you should be fine. You may want to consider getting rid of any cardboard boxes and replacing them with plastic bins if you can. They love cardboard boxes.

It’s Florida. You’re going to see bugs. 😉

I echo everything Betty says, except I don’t have any experience with Combat roach traps. I’d just call a local exterminator and have them do a once-over. You’ll still see bugs once in a while, though, no matter what. Like Betty said, they occasionally come in from outside. The lovely flying cockroaches are attracted to light. Shudder. And others just want to say hello. LOL!

Don’t toss the magazines just yet.

Sadi says:

You’re in FL right? YOu guys have those big, hugh, crazy, smelly, flying things, right? Ugh! Here in MI, you just have to get an exterminator. In FL, I doubt you can get rid of them completely. Just get some traps and maybe hire an exterminator once a year. In other words, I have no helpful advise. 😦

Good luck!

dawn says:

We don’t have cockroaches up here so I probably can’t offer much except DON’T GET RID OF YOUR MAGAZINES! Can you put them in a sealed tupperware box or something? Aren’t there bug bombs or something?
Good luck!

Kasey says:

I live in the same general area as you. I keep lots of books and magazines and have never had any bugs in them.
But, whenever it rains the bugs start looking for drier land and I do find them in my home. I just spray the exterior of my home since I have kids and a dog.

Kasey says:

Oh, and congratulations on the new home!

pod says:

Great about your new home. Clearly the bugs like all the good karma there too. In Buddhism, these roaches have come back as insects because they couldn’t get enough merit to be reborn humans. Maybe they didn’t finish their seams or failed to make muslins 🙂 Either way, some bay leaves pierced with a clove will deter them and silverfish too. For you, a good homeopath will help you come to tolerate these critters better. While I wouldn’t cosy up with a roach, I can cope better with them now! Best of luck!

cidell says:

Do you have carpet? I found a powder in the store that was great for killing them off in my apartment days.

cidell says:

And congrats on the new space!! And a whole space just for sewing. It doesn’t get better than that.

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