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{November 12, 2008}   Snow White

This year, Sofia decided she wanted to be a Disney Princess again, and she picked Snow White.  I was hoping for Belle because that just looks like fun to make.  However, it ended up being a good thing that she picked Snow White because none of the pattern companies released a Belle pattern.

This was a really good pattern.  My favorite thing about it was that it was authentic.  Even the costumes sold at Disneyworld cut a lot of corners, particularly with the sleeves.  And it’s kind of fun to think to myself that I’m the best mom ever because Sofia has the best Snow White costume!  The costume uses 5 different colors.  I used “Casa” poly satin sold at Joann’s for all fabrics.  I had trouble finding the right shade of yellow and had to go to 2 stores to find it.

There 2 firsts for me making this pattern.  This was my first time using Wonder Under, a fusible web in sheet form.  All who read this blog know I’m a big fan of Steam A Seam, fusible web in thin strips on a roll.  Wonder Under was just as simple to use.  The other first was making my own piping.  It was only about a foot long, so it was no big deal to make.  I used a piece of chenille cord from my stash.

I did make one change, in that I omitted the cape.  I felt it was overkill for Florida weather, and Sofia didn’t even notice it.  A few observations:  this thing is pretty long.  My daughter is very tall for her age, yet this dress is so long it drug on the ground.  I think I overstuffed the headband, because it looked kinda silly and didn’t stay on her head.  (She only wore it for the picture)  I really like that the collar is detachable.  It gives you the option of not wearing it, plus makes it fare better in the wash.

Here are the pics:



Kasey says:

She is so adorable! Looks like she was very pleased with her costume! I really miss those days…

Bells says:

She looks so adorable and the costume looks perfect on her! Congrats! I look forward to making my sons costume next yr… hopefully he doesn’t want to be something too difficult 🙂

Sadi says:

She’s very cute! My daughter loves the Disney Princess stuff too. She’s just young enough though that I was able to convince her to be just a princess this year. Next year, i’m sure it’s going to have to be a Disney princess though. She’s got to pick somehting warm though since we’re in Michigan, and it get’s cold here.

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