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{October 21, 2008}   Halloween Beauty

I am so thrilled with this costume, and I haven’t even tried it on yet!

This is Butterick 4890.  I used the colors in the pattern photo because I didn’t feel like doing research to figure out what colors were used back then.  In fact, I’m only partially sure this is from the Regency period.  They really should put that on the pattern envelope, because people will ask.

I picked this one out because it uses less fabric than those voluminous renaissance costumes, which I thought equaled cheap.  What I didn’t take into account was the amount of trim required!  It uses 4 kinds of trim, one of which I didn’t even put on (edge of bodice)!  And I had the worst time trying to find trims in the right color and style despite going to a Joann superstore.  No luck at Hancock’s either.  This costume cost me about $70, even though I got everything 40-50% off.  The velveteen alone was $35.

I’ll post a pic of me wearing it on Halloween.


wendy says:

Wow, gorgeous! I love those regency empire waist dresses with the different fabric down the front. 🙂

stacysews says:

It’s gorgeous!!!

Lory says:

I really like it! I imagine it must’ve been tricky to put the trim on the corner at the bottom of the dress. It came out really nice, kudos. :):):):)

OMG, that is so fantastic! I can’t wait to see the picture of you in it!

Pink 35 says:

I just had this made. Although I would have like to sewn it myself! I have a devil of a time searching for trim for this costume too. I had to hunt far an wide on Ebay and import the lace to Australia. I managed to find some 2.5″ metallic gold Viennese lace and my friend cut it down to make to make all the trim match. I like the idea of a much shorter robe. I will have to pin mine up when I dance. Happy costuming I am on the big list of sewing blogs too!

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