Subversive Sewer

{October 19, 2008}   Why Don’t I Learn?

You’d think that after sewing for 10 years that I’d either know how to match a pattern with the appropriate fabric or follow the recommendations on the envelope.  Nope, I guess I like wasting time and money.  Case in point:

Looks cute on Saffron, doesn’t it?  You wouldn’t believe how hard it was just to get it onto her!  Then I pulled a shoulder muscle getting it onto my body!  I used this ponte de roma knit that doesn’t have enough stretch to work for such a structured dress.  And for some reason I thought there were separate pieces for C/D cups so it’d fit in the bust.  (I’d cut the pattern pieces a couple weeks ago and didn’t cut the fabric till today.)  Nope, I’m delusional.  Fabric with little give, combined with C cup boobs in a B cup dress does not make for a well fitting dress.  And to top it all off, all that bulk at the waist makes my body look like a rectangle.  Ugh.   Hopefully someone at Goodwill will be very happy.

P.S. If you’re a fan of Juicy Pear flavored Jelly Bellies, check your Wal-Mart for jello snacks in Juicy Pear flavor!  I nearly peed myself!  They also have tangerine and very cherry.


dawn says:

Awwww. Too bad. 😦 It’s soooo glam looking.

Betty says:

I think I had that exact same fabric and had the same problem with bulk at the waist and on the “wrap” part of a wrap top. So disappointing. It looks great on the dress form though. 🙂

adrienne says:

That sucks!! I made that dress and love it! It looks great though.

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