Subversive Sewer

{October 19, 2008}   Old School knit top

After buying some 1 yard pieces of fabric from The Fabric Fairy, I realized I needed some more patterns for tops that only used a yard of fabric.  I decided to re-buy Simplicity 4076.  It’s really popular on Pattern Review, so even though I had poor results with view D, I decided to make B, the faux wrap version.

I love this fabric!  Of course, I have to screw up at least once on every project, so if you look at the upper right side of the top, you can see a “design feature” consisting of the print going sideways!  I made sure that the “correct” side was on the outside so I think it’s OK.  The neckline is a little big, so if I make this again I’ll make it smaller.  I also changed the sleeve because I HATE flutter sleeves!! And they would’ve looked extra stupid with this particular fabric.  I just cut the longer sleeve piece to make a basic cap sleeve.


Christy S says:

I love that fabric. It seems that every time I visit the fabric fairy (not that I need any more fabric..I do not), the fabrics I love are always sold out! Love the shirt!!

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