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{September 27, 2008}   Sizing Confusion.

There was a thread on Pattern Review about sizing that made me decide to remeasure myself.  It’d been awhile.  You know how time gets away from you, right?  Well, I don’t remember what I was last time, but the sizes I’ve been using have apparently been wrong.  Here’s what I got:

Bust: 36

High Bust: 34

Waist: 32 (if I’m measuring in the right spot)

Hips: 37 (same as it’s been for years)

OK, I’ve been sewing a size 10 on top and 12 on the bottom.  However, according to the charts, this is what I should be sewing:

Bust: 12 (based on high bust)

Waist: 18 (what?!?!?)

Hips: between 12 and 14

I’m confused, because I thought 10 and 12 was working just fine.  Since fit is pretty much a foreign concept to me, if you want to let me know otherwise, that’d be great!


dawn says:

Yes, sizing is annoying and makes no sense. When I was sewing the Big 4, I just ignored the outside suggestion and went with the inside finished garment measurements (printed on the tissue). Now that I sew mainly with BWOF I’m usually a 36 and they fit well. They are much more consistent with sizing than Butterick, Vogue, New Look, etc. I sew some Kwik Sews too and they seem very consistent.

Betty says:

Because of the amount of ease built into most patterns, a 10 and 12 is probably just fine for you. My high bust is 34 and I start with a 12 but I sometimes have to narrow the shoulders.

Length might actually be more of an issue in this case. When you cut a size 10, are the bustline and waistline falling in the right places? If not, you may need to lengthen the pattern. A 10 has a slightly shorter torso length than a 12.

s says:

I have measurements that are about one size down from you, and when I sew a 12 it’s too big on top…I finally noticed on a simplicity that the finished garment measurements are huge. they calculate too much ease. I always, always get fooled and end up with a too-big garment. Size down, as you have been doing.

Sadi says:

I have the same problem. According to the measurements, I should be wearing something like a 22 in bottoms. I make a 14 usually, and they fit just fine.

Dana says:

I’ve tagged you and nominated you for a blog award. Check my most recent post for the rules. Love to read your blog!

cidell says:

I think in Big 4 (not so much Vogue though), I am a 14 on paper. But I sew between a 10 and 12.

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