Subversive Sewer

{September 21, 2008}   The Almost-Hot Dress

Check out this thing of beauty, Vogue 8489:

Just one problem: it’s not wearable.  Let me explain, since it admittedly looks great on Saffron.  It called for a zipper, which seems to be a trend with patterns for knits lately.  I think this is ludicrous, and I refuse to play along.  So.  I interfaced the contrast bands as instructed, completely missing the implication of this.  In case you haven’t caught on yet, the interfacing didn’t stretch at all, rendering me unable to get the dress on.  I tried putting in a zipper after the fact, but this fabric does not like zippers, not matter what application.  I then decided to rip apart the facing to get to the interfacing, and rip it all out.  In the process, I accidentally cut the contrast band about 5 different times.  Due to the nature of the design, replacing the band isn’t an option.  So the plan is to make the dress again since I’m totally in love with it and reuse the skirt fabric to make a swimsuit.


Kasey says:

What a bummer. It’s so pretty. But thanks for the heads up, I’ve had plans for making this one up as well.

dawn says:

Oh I hate it when I change the rules because “they” (pattern companies) are stupid and then realizing that maybe I’m the dumbass. I’ve done things like that so many times.

“This blouse doesn’t need facings!”

“I could get this on without a zipper.”

“Baste? I don’t need to baste this.”

The list goes on and on. The dress is very cute though. 🙂

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