Subversive Sewer

{August 18, 2008}   Hurricane? Noooo….

Sofia and I are settled into our apartment, ready for whatever hurricane Fay brings.  At least, I hope so.  I lent out my flashlights to my friend last year and they were out at Walmart, so my procrastination/denial didn’t help me there.  I does help with keeping stress at bay.  Anyhow, we got a bunch of nonperishable food and some water, and Sofia’s watching Dora.  School/daycares are all closed, as is my office.  I’m just hoping the power doesn’t go out.  Otherwise I’m going to be playing Candy Land and Barbies all day, and that gets old after awhile!  This is only my 2nd hurricane, and I don’t remember much from last time.

Here is where the pictures should be, but my computer decided that it no longer wants to acknowledge my camera.  That really sucks because I have some other things to show all 5 of you who read my blog.


Well, here’s one of your 5 checking in. LOL! Stay safe and power-ful, and I’ll hope we do the same. It looks like it’s not going to be too bad, since we’re going to be on the west side of the eye. I only get the day off if my power goes out since I work from home, so I think I’m hoping to work … instead of sitting here sweating in the dark.

It sounds like you came through relatively unscathed. I think the Weather Channel people made more wind than Fay did. I hope your computer and camera get over their spat so we can see what you’re working on!

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