Subversive Sewer

{July 21, 2008}   Why I have so much time to sew

Pattern Review member Ryansmum sent me a message in regard to my 300th pattern review. She wondered how I manage to sew so often. For me, it’s priorities. As much as I love cleanliness, I choose to live in a bit of clutter to devote more time to sewing. My floors have more cat hair on them than I’d like, but again it’s priorities. Also, I sew after my daughter goes to bed and on Saturdays, a day that she always spends with her dad.

To illustrate, here are pictures of my not-perfect living room!

And I have to share my latest purchase. I love pop art, and Roy Lichtenstein is my favorite. My living room really needed a large focal point. Here it is!


Kristine says:

Yes!!! Sewing-ness before cleanliness! I’m with ya’, sistah! The dishes can wait, I have a pattern to cut out! But I do make sure the sink is empty before DH gets home from work… gotta giva a little, here and there! Congrats on all the reviews!

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