Subversive Sewer

{July 19, 2008}   Simplicity 4697

I’d actually forgotten about this pattern.  I’d cut out the skirt about 2 years ago, put it in a ziplock bag along with the pattern envelope, and forgot about it.  While I look for tricot to line the skirt, I decided to make this cute top!

(Please excuse the off-centeredness.  I’m still figuring out how to photograph myself with the self timer.)

The pattern I bought had sizes 12-20, and I’m a 10 on top.  So what I did was use a wider seam allowance on the sides and center front.  I used the standard 5/8″ SA in the back, but it droops at the back neckline so next time I’ll use a wider SA or just eliminate the seam altogether by placing it on the fold.

This is a great top for me.  It’s interesting, cool for Florida summers, and seems flattering.  What do you think; be honest! 🙂


angie.a says:

I really like it! Especially the front ruching. If I were really picky, I’d probably try to grade the next one down to a 10. The shoulders (or maybe the armscye) are just the tiniest bit too wide maybe? It looks really wonderful on you though. Great color!

subversivesewer says:

That’s a great idea! I looked at the shoulder and agree completely! Thanks!

Kim V. says:

I agree that the color is fabulous and the top looks really good on you (despite a slightly wide armscye). Have you tried taking photos from “person height”, or about eye-level? I put my camera on top of a high dresser to get the most accurate and flattering self-portraits. Just a suggestion!

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