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{July 5, 2008}   A fabric that does all the work

I first saw this fabric on Gigi’s blog and fell in love with it! It’s from Gorgeous Fabrics, which I visit often, but somehow missed this one. The swatch pictured just didn’t do it justice. Gigi’s post convinced me to buy it, and then Cidell comes along and makes a dress from it too! Well, here I come with another dress!

Here it is on me, thanks to the self-timer:

I think I did OK with the print placement (let me know if you disagree). The fabric has those black and magenta bars in a rectangular grid pattern, which makes layouts tricky. What I did was fold the fabric and match up the bars by pinning them together, and then cut my front and back pieces:

I strategically placed one bar across the midriff, which I love because it provides design interest without hardly any work! It goes all the way around and lines up perfectly. I lined it up along the petite adjustment lines printed on the pattern. In fact, it looks as though there are no side seams at all! I also used that bar for the neck band. The one thing I didn’t do was match the prints on the sleeves. I did this because that left me with enough fabric left over to make a top.

Here is the pattern I used:

This is Simplicity 2850, view A, sorta. I left off the pockets and cut off the sleeve at one of the tuck lines used for view C.  Here’s the review.


adrienne says:

Very cute. I love that fabric too!

Stefanie says:

Looks great! I love the fabric.

cidell says:

Very exciting. I love how you let the fabric ‘do all the work’! Maybe I’ll work on my top tomorrow.

Aunt Gail says:

The pattern placement on this dress is absolutely exquisite. The colors are great for you as well. I’ve seen this material now on about 4 postings and I truly believe yours used the complicated pattern to the best advantage.

The yellow top you made looks pretty nice, and yes I agree those sleeves are just FUN! However, yellow is a tough color to wear, especially for a blonde…and yet it is such an IN color right now…

You do very nice sewing work

I’m so far behind on my blog reading that it’s not funny. You did a FANTASTIC job on this! I really love the placement of the motifs. Yours ranks right up there with Gigi’s and Cidell’s for uses of this fabric!

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