Subversive Sewer

{July 1, 2008}   I’m on a Roll!

Man, have I got some sewing mojo! I cut and sewed this dress tonight! Sofia watched and “helped” as I cut it out. The actual sewing took about an hour and a half… super easy!

Here it is-

The fabric is from Gorgeous Fabrics. I got 3 pieces as a birthday present for myself. Normally I can’t afford to spend more than 5 bucks a yard on fabric, but I’d heard from multiple people that hers are worth the extra cost (this was $10/yard). So far I agree. It’s very soft and easy to sew. Tomorrow is the real test- it’s like 95 degrees and humid as hell!

And here is the pattern, New Look 6802:

Here’s my review on PR.


Pirouette says:

I was wondering what happened to your blog! Glad to see you are still going strong. This dress is very nice. Perfect summer wear!

OMG, that turned out so beautifully!!! I have this pattern and it’s next on my to-sew list when I get back from vacation. And I’m so glad you liked your fabric! You did a beautiful job with it.

adrienne says:

Very very cute!!!! Love it!

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