Subversive Sewer

{June 9, 2008}   Easier Than It Looks

My girl Mamafitz gave me a bunch of fabric in 2006 when I was living in Milwaukee, and I’ve made great use of it! She gave me this great knit and a chiffon with the exact same print. I had the idea of using it for Butterick 4978 with the knit as the lining and the chiffon as the fashion fabric. However, when I laid out the knit for cutting, I decided that it was a waste to use the knit as a lining, since the chiffon is a woven. Plus, it might look funny having a print over a print, even if it’s the same print. So I decided to scrap that idea. Instead I used the knit for Butterick 5080. Here it is:

I made a few changes. The bodice is lined, but I felt that it was unnecessary and not a good choice for Florida summers. So, I did not line it and just turned and stitched the edges. I also did the sash a little differently. I didn’t have enough fabric for the whole sash, so I had to make it about 10 inches shorter. I also edgestitched along the stitched edges to make it lie flat. I also skipped the thread loops for the tie. I think the sash will stay in place without them, and I don’t know how to make them anyway.

The fit is great, IMO. It looks really cute. It is a little long for my taste, but I suppose everyone needs a conservative dress.

Eventually, I’ll make the other dress, but with a red lining, which I think I have already. So, I’ll have 2 dresses with the same print!


fryman says:

this looks very flirty. very nice

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