Subversive Sewer

{May 28, 2008}   Time for a new Bag

I’m one of those people who carries one bag for awhile till I get sick of it, then I make a new one.  My current one is Simplicity 5567 (OOP), which wordpress won’t let me post a picture of.  I’ve had this Vogue pattern for awhile:

I love view A, the one with the diagonal pockets down the front.  I had some bubble gum pink pique that wasn’t enough for the sheath dress I bought it for, but I thought it would be great as a bag.  I’m almost done with it, but this pattern is not without its problems.  The first is the shoulder strap piece.  If you don’t look at the drawings closely enough, you may do what I did and put the 2 strap pieces right sides together and sew down one short end and one long one.  What you’re supposed to do is just sew the one short end, making a long strap.  It would’ve totally helped if they’d put a notch at that end, which would’ve clued me in.  It wasn’t until I held up the bag and noticed how much shorter my strap was than the ones on the envelope that I realized there was a problem.  Of course, I really don’t want to rip the thing apart, though now that I’m writing this I’m thinking it wouldn’t be the nightmare I originally thought it would be.  The top  of the bag itself hits at about the bustline when I have it on my shoulder, and as you can see in the pattern pic, it’s supposed to be much lower.

The other problem may be my fault.   If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d go look at what the seam allowance is supposed to be, but I think it’s not the 1/2″ that I assumed it was.  This might explain why the zippered top piece is much narrower than the gusset that it’s attached to.  Ugh.  I really need to read instructions.  Well, I just trimmed the gusset to match and have a thinner bag.

I just have to finish sewing the lining and it’s all done.  Hopefully that’ll occur tomorrow and then I’ll post a pic of the finished bag.


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